Beginning the New Year with Positivity

Beginning the new year with positivity, health should be a priority. Discarding bad practices and toxic elements are great starts, but there are more simple measures to enhance both physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you reach a healthier version of yourself in 2023.

Start by getting enough rest. Sleep is essential to good health as it can maximize productivity, help immune system, inhibit weight gain, enhance memory, and keep you in better spirits. It's key to brain function and heart health for the majority of healthy adults, who should strive for 7-8 hrs of undisturbed sleep, consistently, including weekends.

Eat healthier. Weight loss is only one of many advantages, such as stronger bones, a guarded heart, protection from diabetes and cancer, and enhanced mental health. Simple changes like consuming less trans fats, salt and sugar, and more lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats and fruits/veggies will get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Aim for brightly-colored foods in your diet.

Exercise is essential for a successful journey to a new you. It has many advantages to both physical and mental health, such as reducing stress, improving memory, mood and self-confidence, and boosting brain function. Those not accustomed to exercise should begin with short walks and light weights, then move onto active hobbies like golf, swimming, hiking, tennis, yoga, cycling and dancing. As the benefits become apparent, exercise will become a favorite part of the day.

Decreasing stress can be difficult, but it can also bring joy, which is essential to reducing stress. Besides diet, sleep and exercise, engage in activities you enjoy. Plan a spa day, play golf, spend time with loved ones, take a trip, go to a show, play an instrument, or just have a good laugh. Doing things that make you content is the key to reducing stress. Despite having demanding jobs and careers, taking a break and appreciating the important things in life is sure to lead to a "new you" in the "new year".

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